Save for your first home

Market-leading Lifetime ISA

Save for your first home with Multiply. You can open a market-leading Lifetime ISA through the app and start building your deposit with auto saves and roundups.

Your homebuying plan will help you track your progress and navigate each step of the homebuying journey, from building your credit score to finding the best mortgage deal.

Open a Lifetime ISA

The Lifetime ISA is an account designed to help first-time buyers save faster. For every £4 you save, the government will give you a £1 bonus towards your first home.

The Unity Mutual Lifetime ISA offers the market-leading interest rate and is available through the Multiply app with an exclusive £25 welcome bonus. Unity Mutual is authorised and regulated by the FCA.

Exclusive to Multiply



FSCS Protection


Welcome bonus

Stocks and shares lifetime ISA provided by Unity Mutual and managed within the Multiply app.
*Guaranteed annual interest until April 2022**£20 from Unity Mutual and £5 government bonus when you open account


Up to £85,000

FSCS Protection



Up to £85,000

FSCS Protection

*Comparisons to other providers are based on published costs on their websites as of 1 May 2021 and may or may not include any new promotional offers.Market-leading rate is based on independently verified research conducted by Mustard Research – March 2021, into the best available rates advertised on Provider websites.

This is a Stocks & Shares Lifetime ISA with a difference. Unity Mutual invests your money into property and guarantees the 1.5% interest rate until 5th April 2022. It operates just the same as a Cash Lifetime ISA, but with a better rate. Your capital is not at risk.

Transfer your ISA

Switch to the market-leading Lifetime ISA in a few taps. Just sign up to Multiply, tell us the account number and provider for your existing account, and we’ll do the rest.

You can transfer any type of ISA into a Unity Mutual Lifetime ISA, including:

  • Lifetime ISA
  • Help to Buy ISA
  • Cash ISA
  • Stocks & Shares ISA

Instant access pot

Earn 0.5% returns

The instant access pot pays 0.5% returns and keeps your cash safe for emergencies and short-term goals.

It’s an e-wallet that offers instant withdrawals. It’s provided by Modulr Finance and comes as standard with your Multiply account.

The instant access pot is also the hub account for all your Multiply savings and investments - any top-ups or auto saves to your other products go via this pot.

Transparent Fees

Multiply savings pot


Lifetime ISA


Not a spending tracker.
Not a budgeting app.
Not a bank.
Not a robo advisor.
Multiply is everything you ought to be doing with your money.