Uber pays pensions

Uber pays pensions

Uber drivers auto-enrolled

A landmark supreme court ruling forced the company to guarantee its 70,000 UK drivers a minimum hourly wage, holiday pay, and pensions. Today, Uber announced its drivers will now be auto-enrolled to a pension scheme, and receive back payments. Drivers can choose to contribute up to 5% of qualifying earnings but will be able to opt out.

Tips must go to staff

Government plans will make it illegal for hospitality firms to withhold tips from workers. If an employer breaks the new rules they could be forced to pay compensation or face fines. Highstreet chains including Pizza Express, Cote Brasserie and Bill's, have been accused of keeping tips.

Calls to recycle buildings

Britain’s top engineers are urging the government to reuse buildings where possible, and to build using recycled material and clean fuels. They are concerned about "embodied emissions", which is the CO2 emitted when buildings and materials are made. Making cement alone causes 8% of global emissions.