Renting cheaper than buying

Renting cheaper than buying

Rents falling

It’s cheaper to rent than to buy a home for the first time in 6 years, according to Hamptons. The estate agent reckons that in March 2020, buyers with a 10% deposit would end up £102 a month better off on average by buying a home. But falling rents mean it’s now cheaper to rent a home in most of the UK.

Freedom day delayed

The current coronavirus restrictions are set to stick around for another 4 weeks after 21st June, as “freedom day” is pushed back. Later today Boris Johnson is expected to confirm the delay to the next and final stage of unlocking. It means social distancing measures will remain, and nightclubs will stay shut.

Women’s hours increase

More women are in full time work now than before the pandemic, bucking the trend for falling working hours. The Resolution Foundation found that, on average, the employment rate among men has dropped 2.4%, and just 0.8% among women. The think tank reckons it’s because women dominate public sector jobs in health and education. Plus, whose without children are working an average of 5% more hours than before the crisis.

Show can go on?

Theatres are close to agreeing a deal with the government for state-backed insurance. They say the scheme would allow shows, concerts, gigs, and festivals to go ahead. A lack of insurance has been a major barrier to events restarting after lockdown, because no insurance companies are providing coronavirus cancellation cover.