Nightclubs won't test on door

Nightclubs won't test on door

No testing at nightclubs

A major nightclub chain has said it won’t ask for vaccine passports or a negative coronavirus test at its 42 venues which include Pryzm and Bar&Beyond. Clubs will be able to reopen from Monday and have been advised by the government to check clubbers’ coronavirus status on the door. But REKOM UK says testing would get in the way of a good night, and that its clubs are well ventilated and well cleaned.

London rents surge

Rental prices in the capital went up 4.3% in June* in the biggest monthly increase in 7 years. Tenants are returning to London as offices start to call workers back and the city’s social scene comes back to life. But the impact of the pandemic means the rent on an average inner London home is still £415 per month less than this time last year.

Retail rebound

Shops enjoyed a massive surge of growth in April to June, as shoppers set new records on the high streets. Sales increased 28.4% compared to 2020 - the biggest annual rise ever - and were 10.4% higher even than 2019. The data comes from the British Retail Consortium (BRC), whose members are mainly supermarkets and large chains.

Masks on trains?

From Monday, bus and train companies must make their own rules about wearing face coverings while on board. Masks have been mandatory for the past year, but now the government is scrapping the rule, and replacing it with guidance to mask up on busy services.