Gas price crisis

Gas price crisis

Price cap stays

Ofgem and Business Secretary Kwarsi Kwarteng have confirmed that the price cap - which limits how much you pay for energy - will remain in place. Energy providers are struggling amid soaring gas wholesale prices, but can’t pass on the costs to their customers. The current price cap is £1,138 a year, but is set to rise to £1,277 in October.

Inflation bites

Government borrowing went up unexpectedly in August, as interest payments rose on the back of higher inflation. The costs of coronavirus, coupled with a lower tax take, have pushed government debt to more than £2.2 trillion, or about 97.6% of GDP. When inflation goes up, this debt becomes more expensive.

All-electric taxis

Want an emission-free ride? You’ll soon be able to hail an electric Addison Lee. The taxi company has pledged to electrify by 2023, shifting its 4,000-strong fleet onto battery power. It’ll put 200 electric vehicles on the road every month from November.

Working from home

The right to request flexible working will become law on Thursday, allowing any employees to put in a request from their first day at a new job. Before the pandemic, you had to accrue 26 weeks of service before asking to work from home.