Fizz shortage

Fizz shortage

Burst bubbles

The gas price crisis could lead to more gaps on supermarket shelves, as fizzy drinks, food packaging and the meat industry all face a shortage of carbon dioxide (CO2). 2 major plants which produce CO2 have been forced to shut down amid soaring gas prices. And without their output, supply chains face running out of fizz.

Unpaid pensions

Pensioners short-changed to the tune of £1 billion were let down by human error according to the government spending watchdog. It said the catalogue of errors, rendered inevitable by complex rules and outdated IT systems, has meant 134,000 people have been underpaid. Those affected can claim up to £8,900 each.

Pret’s going local

Fancy popping down to your friendly neighbourhood Pret a Manger for lunch? The coffee and sandwich chain plans to open 200 new shops in residential and suburban areas, aiming to double its size within 5 years. Its CEO says hybrid working is here to stay, meaning quieter urban trade on Mondays and Fridays as well as weekends.