Clubbing cancelled

Clubbing cancelled

Nightclubs despair

The hospitality industry has warned the 4-week delay to lifting restrictions is very bad news for businesses’ finances, with many having to cancel a month of sold-out events. Clubs were due to reopen on 21st June, but will now have to wait until 19th July. Wedding venues and planners are having a slightly better day though, after Boris Johnson confirmed that celebrations would still be allowed to go ahead with unlimited guest numbers.

May payday

197,000 new employees were added to company payrolls in May, in a record-setting surge. That figure comes from tax data, and it’s backed up by official stats: the overall unemployment rate fell to 4.7% for the three months to April. However, the furlough scheme is still paying the wages of an estimated 2 million workers.

G’day trade

The UK and Australia have agreed a new trade deal - our first big one since leaving the EU. As well as supporting the trade of goods between the two countries, the deal expected to revamp visa requirements to make it easier to migrate both ways.