Army on standby

Army on standby

Call in the troops

The army is on standby to deliver fuel to forecourts which have run dry. After 4 days of long queues and panic buying, 150 military tanker drivers are prepping to get behind the wheel. Fuel is running low at the pumps, but remains plentiful at refineries.

Rail takeover

Southeastern train services have been taken over by the government after an investigation found £25 million of undisclosed taxpayer funding. This “serious breach” by the rail company could be looked into by the Serious Fraud Office. All the money has now been recovered.

30% pay rise

Warehouse workers are enjoying a 30% pay rise as bosses struggle to recruit enough staff. The warehouse sector says it needs tens of thousands more workers, and warns that stacked crises could hit stretched supply chains in the run up to Black Friday and Christmas.

Progress from home

Over half of women surveyed say working from home helps them to progress in their careers by making it easier to balance childcare with full time work. Women did two-thirds more childcare than men during the first lockdown, according to the Office for National Statistics (ONS).