1.5% interest guaranteed until April 2022

1.5% interest guaranteed until April 2022

Unity Mutual has fixed its Lifetime ISA interest rate at 1.5% until 5th April 2022.

That means market-leading* returns for another year - guaranteed.

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This is the only* LISA in the market where the interest rate is guaranteed for 12 months.

Everyone gets 1.5% - it’s not just a teaser rate for new customers.

Unity Mutual reviews the interest rate each year, and has been offering 1.5% interest since April 2019.

Other LISA providers have dropped their rates recently* and can do so again at any time with little warning. Unity Mutual’s rate guarantee means you won’t get any nasty surprises.

Interest rates on cash savings remain low across the board, which has forced many people to look at other, riskier, options to try and beat inflation. But we don’t recommend investing your deposit savings, unless your target date is more than 5 years away.

This fixed-rate LISA gives you higher returns than a Cash LISA, without the risks of investing.

No sad emails about your rate going down.

No risk of losing money.

No volatility.

Just market-leading* returns for an entire year - guaranteed.

*Market-leading rate is based on independently verified research conducted by Mustard Research – October 2020, into the best available rates advertised on Provider websites. You can check Lifetime ISA rates here: https://moneyfacts.co.uk/isa/lifetime-isas/