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What we are

  • Not a spending tracker.
  • Not a budgeting app.
  • Not a bank.
  • Not a robo advisor.

Multiply is everything you ought to be doing with your money.

Imagine knowing exactly where your money needs to go every month. That doesn’t feel like a lot to ask. But unless you have £100k to play with, actual financial advice can be pretty hard to come by.

So we made Multiply. An app that gives you your own financial plan to follow, all for free. And it’s fully FCA-regulated.

Our tech takes nearly everything there is to know about money and turns it into impartial advice for anyone who needs it. No more trawling through forums or comparison sites – Multiply shows you everything you ought to be doing with your money.

Your plan will recommend the financial products you need, all in one app. From savings accounts to pensions, insurance to investments, it’s your one stop shop for any money decision.

Once you’ve opened the right accounts, we’ll tell you how much to send to each one, every month.

You’re going to do great, great things, you just need to start.